Enjoy Cameroon

Here's a list of links on ZoomPromo that you can explore for ideas of what to do or where to go in Cameroon!


Touristic sites - parks, naturescapes, wild adventures and more...

Traditional Celebrations - enjoy traditional Cameroon celebrations full of music, beautiful attires and history...

Restaurants - yummy local food to keep you going

Hotels - a clean bed to spend the night in

Rental Cars - wheels to get you around!

Taxis for Hire - get chauffeured around at your convenience - and to practically everywhere!

Hire a local Driver - tired of driving yourself around? Find a reliable and knowledge driver!

Night Clubs - want to dance to makossa? Find a local club right here.

Snack Bars Bars - parks, naturescapes, wild adventures

Local Events this week - socials, concerts & fairs - find a local event and turn a dull day into an exhilirating one