What is ZoomPromo?

ZoomPromo City Guide is a FREE business directory that companies can register in, to advertise their companies to ZoomPromo website visitors. Business listings in City Guide never expire and can be managed by company representatives for free. 

Using data from ZoomPromo City Guide, we publish ZoomPromo City Guide Magazine (PDF) every month. This magazine is available for free download and offline printing. All companies registered online in City Guide are included in the print version of ZoomPromo City Guide for free. The PDF print version of the magazine allows readers to conveniently take content offline (useful feature for people who have little access to the Internet).

How does ZoomPromo generate revnues? By charging for optional services including (1) online banner ads (on this site) and (2) print ads in ZoomPromo City Guide PDF.

ZoomPromo is a service of ZoomOps Ltd., Douala, Cameroon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / www.zoomops.com